In the spring of 2014 I moved to Boston to pursue a master's degree in Art Education. Less than one week later I began working as a server at Pastoral, a restaurant just over the Fort Point Channel. Moving to a new city and knowing almost no one, the restaurant became my home and my colleagues became my family. 

Working for my chef and along side my coworkers I began to truly appreciate the community that is built around food. Something special happens when you work in the restaurant industry, something that is hard to explain if not experienced for yourself. And after some time I realized that I wanted my contribution to this community to be more than simply serving the food to our guests.

My handprint could enhance the experience of sharing a meal. 

When dining in a restaurant, it takes a community of people to bring you the meal you find on the table in front of you. The chef who dreamt up the recipe, the farmer who harvested the vegetables,  the butcher who cured the meats, the cook who shaped the pasta, and now the potter that made the plate. 


My name is Taylor Byrne, and I would love to become a member of your community and make the pottery for your table.


My background

I received my BFA in Photography with a sub concentration in Sculpture from the University of Connecticut. I am also a recent graduate of Tufts University with my MAT in Art Education. 

In the Fall of 2015 I began passionately following this tableware dream. I am an active member of Feet of Clay, a working pottery collaborative in Brookline, MA, and Fort Point Arts Community Inc. in Boston, MA. I also have the privilege of teaching art at the high school level. 

If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him. The people who give you their food give you their heart.”
— Cesar Chavez

where You'll find my pottery on tables

  • SoWa Open Market
    • South End, Boston
  • Pastoral Artisan Pizza, Kitchen & Bar
    • Fort Point, Boston
  • Homestead. (coming soon)
    • Boston, MA
  • Jackson Square Artisans (coming soon)
    • Weymouth, MA